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A Gym training plan for beginners aged 16-19

A Gym training plan for beginners aged 16-19   A gym training program for beginners aged 16 to 19 who want to see visible changes in their appearance. It is important to start with lighter weights and gradually increase the load and complexity to avoid injury and ensure progress.   Note: Before starting an exercise […]

Milline treeningukava annab parimad tulemused jõusaalis treenivatele alla 35-aastastele ja üle 50-aastastele inimestele?

A training plan for best results depends largely on individual goals, fitness and health status. However, we can provide general recommendations that could be useful for both age groups. Under 35 years of age: Physical versatility: Combine strength training, cardio training and flexibility training. Strength training: Do a variety of large muscle group exercises such […]

HC PRO T1 store for fitness supplies and equipment

Greetings to all sports lovers! We are proud to announce that the HC PRO store for fitness supplies and equipment is opening its doors on the second floor of the T1 Mall. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need for your gym and other workouts, conveniently in one place and at an […]

Why the HC GYM is best place to develop pure muscle mass?

The most scientifically effective method for building clean muscle mass can be complex and depends on an individual’s goals, body composition, and training background. However, here are some generally scientifically proven methods: Progressive overload: This means building muscle mass over time by increasing weights or reps, constantly exposing the muscles to new stimuli and causing […]

What kind of Gym equipment are most important ?

Gym training is popular all over the world, and gym equipment is an essential part of training. Gym equipment is designed to provide comfort, support and safety during training. It is important to choose the right gym equipment that matches your training style and needs. One of the most important gym equipment is good training […]

Welcome to my HC GYM blog!

Today, I’m going to tell you about HC GYM, a sports club that offers many opportunities for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. HC GYM is a popular sports club with several locations throughout Estonia, including HC GYM Sikupilli, HC GYM Kohtla-Järve, and maybe the most serious GYM in the planet HC GYM Linnamäe tee […]

How to combine Arthur Jones HIT training program with sport supplements ?

Arthur Jones High-Intensity Training (HIT) is a strength training method that focuses on short, intense workouts to stimulate muscle growth and improve overall fitness. When combined with sport supplements, you can achieve even more effective results. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your HIT training method while using sport […]

What is Creatine and how to use it most effective ?

Creatine is a precursor of amino acids and proteins that occurs naturally in the human body. It acts as an energy source for cells, especially in muscles. Adding creatine to your diet can help increase muscle mass, and improve strength and performance. There are usually two phases to using creatine to build muscle: a loading […]

How to burn fat effectively and save muscle at the same time?

To burn fat effectively and save muscle at the same time, we recommend the following: Lift weights: Lifting weights will help you maintain muscle while you lose weight. It also helps burn fat, because muscle mass requires more energy than fat. Exercise regularly with weights but remember to give your muscles enough time to rest […]

Aamukardio on hyvä tapa lisätä aineenvaihduntaa ja polttaa rasvaa.

Morning cardio is a good way to increase metabolism and burn fat. Here are some recommendations: 1. Length: We recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio each time to get enough power and burn fat efficiently. However, you can practice longer if you want. 2. Intensity: Cardio exercise should be intense enough for the body […]