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How to burn fat effectively and save muscle at the same time?

To burn fat effectively and save muscle at the same time, we recommend the following: Lift weights: Lifting weights will help you maintain muscle while you lose weight. It also helps burn fat, because muscle mass requires more energy than fat. Exercise regularly with weights but remember to give your muscles enough time to rest […]

Aamukardio on hyvä tapa lisätä aineenvaihduntaa ja polttaa rasvaa.

Morning cardio is a good way to increase metabolism and burn fat. Here are some recommendations: 1. Length: We recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio each time to get enough power and burn fat efficiently. However, you can practice longer if you want. 2. Intensity: Cardio exercise should be intense enough for the body […]

What is right squat tehnique – How to so squats safely?

Squatting is a versatile and effective exercise and strength training that develops the muscles of the lower limbs and improves body control. Correct squatting technique is important both in terms of performance and injury avoidance. Here are some tips for achieving proper squat technique: Place your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing slightly outwards. Keep your […]

How to improve the result of the bench press?

The maximum result of the bench press consists of the joint power output of the muscles of the entire upper body, based on the principle “the record is determined by the weakest link”. This means that for most people, the barbell stops at the chest, halfway through the lift, or before the final extension, for […]

The most important reasons why you don’t get results

Years go by and nothing happens? Mobilat and other ointments are used in addition to painkillers, but they only provide temporary relief? Shoulders sore, the upper part of the shoulder blade stuck, tennis elbow? A step is heavy, Sex doesn’t taste good, It’s depressing and there’s no inspiration for anything? Although the above-mentioned symptoms are […]

Important factors to consider when choosing a gym

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a gym that fits your lifestyle. Gym classes. Between balancing work, family and (of course) sleep, you should be able to complete the training according to your own schedule. Exercise options. That is, do you like a cardio-based workout or a traditional gym workout? Customer benefits […]

The real reason why cancelling gym memberships is so hard

Joining a gym might seem like a great idea in December or January, but have you ever tried to cancel your gym membership? When July rolls around and you realize you haven’t been to the gym in months, you’re not the only person wanting to get off the monthly contract. Exercise.com reports that up to […]