Barbell and weights and dumbbells – Strength training with free weights


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can free weights develop and increase muscle mass?

Yes, you can and correctly train and cycle your workouts so that you also have time to recover.

Can I burn fat while exercising with free weights?

By using a barbell and dumbbells, you can first increase muscle mass and higher muscle mass means the ability to burn relatively more fat. Keep in mind, however, that in fat burning, your workout accounts for about 30% and the rest consists of recovery, and all this should fit diet.

Can I get the body of my dreams only with a barbell and weights?

Yes, you can as long as the workouts exceed the load of daily routines, ie during the workouts the body has to “exceed the daily routines”, this results in hypertrophy, ie the development of muscles stronger and bigger. For women, this means a narrower waist, slightly more shapely shoulders and a rounder butt .. who wouldn’t want these?

Can I get results with just adjustable dumbbells?

Yes, you can, if it is possible to constantly add weight to the dumbbells, so that training never goes into too light gymnastics instead of strength training.

Ascending workout with increasing loads is the only scientifically proven way to gain strength and muscle growth.

The top five exercises with free weights are:

Deadlift with barbell – Load the weight of the barbell to get up to 6 reps in the last set.

Chest pulls – Use the weight on the disc bar to move the pull cleanly and you will get 6 -10 reps.

Bent rowing with dumbbell and with barbell – Use a heavy weight but pull the weight up with wide back muscles instead of the whole body and jerks.

Bench Press with barbell or with dumbbells – Do not take a large arch but make use of the pectoral muscles and extensors.

Biceps curls with dumbbells and with straight barbell – The movement is correct if the weight rises without the help of the body and during the lowering phase the dumbbells or barbell are braked so that the negative part of the movement is also utilized.

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