The real reason why cancelling gym memberships is so hard


Joining a gym might seem like a great idea in December or January, but have you ever tried to cancel your gym membership? When July rolls around and you realize you haven’t been to the gym in months, you’re not the only person wanting to get off the monthly contract. reports that up to 67% of people do not use their gym memberships. Alarmingly, many gyms build their business model on the assumption that most people won’t even come to the gym for the first time, and this business idea generates huge revenues.

Therefore, gyms try to attract people who are not typical exercise enthusiasts, because the gym’s best customer is the one who stays at home. Selling long-term memberships isn’t hard because it makes people feel good about committing to something healthy. “They envision a ‘new me’ who actually goes to the gym three times a week and gets in a proper, effective workout that then shapes them into the body of their dreams.”

Many people sign a contract, go to the gym a few times, and then pay monthly without using the gym at all.

Some gym contracts are particularly difficult to get out of. If you have signed the contract without looking at the “small print”, you may not understand the terms you have accepted until later. “It’s not a coincidence. Gyms want to prevent that because every day, week or month you stay a member, you pay more money”. Such useful idiots are then held under harsh conditions and in practice people are so ashamed of paying for nothing that they don’t even want to tell anyone about it.

“Gym club contracts are drafted in such a way that a person cannot leave without penalty. They are legally binding contracts that can only be broken if the terms of the contract are unreasonable or otherwise expressly prohibited by law.”. In other words, getting sick, a child getting sick, vacation trips, losing a job, etc. are usually not accepted reasons.

These contracts are designed to cause so much frustration when trying to cancel that, for example, the 19 euros you pay each month is easier to just pay it forward for the whole year than to try to cancel the contract. When you join a gym, the best thing you can do for yourself is to read the whole contract, even the fine print.

What is the best solution for your child’s or your own gym training?

-If you have not yet decided to join and/or pay an annual contract for your child or your loved one, then don’t do it until you have been visiting, for example, HC GYM with one-time fees for a while and you feel that you should change to an annual contract gym, then at least there is a higher probability that the service will be used.

– If you were tricked into entering a “gym” that doesn’t match the gym you want to visit, you can come to the HC GYM and see how much you have left to pay for the annual contract and you can train with us for the rest of it with a formal monthly fee of 10 euros without committing to anything .

Customer comments about HC GYM:

Customer from France “I couldn’t believe that such a gym exists, and I also couldn’t understand at the checkout that the one-time fee is really 3 euros per day”

Customer from Canada “OMG, I came for the first time because the one-time payment price was 3 euros online, I entered the gym and I couldn’t believe my eyes, so all the equipment and other gym equipment I need, I want to train here for the entire 3-month command”

Customer from Russia “Hey, you would be a multi-millionaire if you made gyms like this for Russia, and you should also patent these devices”.

Customers from Estonia and Finland “I mean, really, I didn’t know that someone could make a gym like this, which has everything and also the benches and equipment that are used the most, here you can train properly without queuing”

Come to the training yourself and find out if the others were right.


Timo and Veronika Majuri