The most important reasons why you don’t get results

no results

Years go by and nothing happens?

Mobilat and other ointments are used in addition to painkillers, but they only provide temporary relief?

Shoulders sore, the upper part of the shoulder blade stuck, tennis elbow?

A step is heavy, Sex doesn’t taste good, It’s depressing and there’s no inspiration for anything?

Although the above-mentioned symptoms are common to the majority of gym enthusiasts and also to competitive fitness athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters, there is nothing you can do about it.

So what has generally been done to improve the situation?

-Change the training program, but stick to 4-6 gym visits a week.

-Let’s anoint sore spots with warming creams before training and pain-relieving creams in the evenings at home. (My own doctor once told me that “Timo, those creams can’t help if they can’t be absorbed into the inflamed area”. If you disagree, think about whether the sore spot would have healed anyway in 2-3 weeks without using creams? The same applies to over-the-counter “flu medicines” )

– Change the exercises either according to the ideas themselves or according to the instructions of a friend or trainer. (When the body already has an overtraining condition, for example in the shoulder, training it from a different angle with a proper load only prolongs the healing)

– Using illegal methods.Move on to the “hormone course” and, if the financial situation permits, we’ll also spice it up with growth hormone. This is a method that will get the training going again and the development will start to progress quickly even when training incorrectly. We’ll come back to this a little later.

How can I improve in every workout without using prohibited substances and painkillers and ointments from all over the world?

The first thing you should do is rest from all training for at least 2 weeks and get rid of all the “backlogged” things. Family matters, Work matters and also meetings with friends and relatives.

After that, buy a training book and start from a clean slate by writing down the decided program with movements and weights, so that you can always honestly see if you are improving or not.

Start by working out twice a week.

First workout upper body.

The second workout of the week legs and abs.

At the beginning of both workouts, choose a basic movement such as Leg press, Deep Squat without equipment, Dip, Incline Bench, Deadlift. Please do not add any lever movements to the program.

Do no more than 5-6 movements per workout and only 1 set of each until the end. Yes, just one set + warm-up before this actual training.

Do not change anything in the training for 2 months, but stick to the selected movements in order to get a decent period according to which you can then monitor the development.

What if this program also “freezes” after only 3 weeks?

Extend the training interval to 4-7 days until you have fully recovered and feel that the bar feels light and no part is sore during any of the exercises.

Let’s come back to the topic of hormones to support training.

In other words, with the help of hormones, you can train more often and harder, but the muscles and tendons do not recover completely with substances. After the initial boost, the same additional pains, stiffness and insomnia start again.

Usually, those who have ended up on a course can’t mentally “get back” from there anymore, because who would want to lose the new muscles gained with effort and a lot of money?

If we forget the health problems that remain hidden, the increase in strength levels and thereby muscles often leads to their shortening and overall stiffness. The end result is phenomena that rarely occur in pure athletes, such as breaking the biceps or extensor, tearing the pectoral muscle or hamstring, even without any sudden movement or technical error in the performance.

These problems can either be prevented or at least postponed further by visiting a sports massage therapist regularly and taking at least 2-4 weeks off from the gym after the competitions.

How can a clean athlete achieve the best condition and strength level of his life in the most efficient way?

Arthur Jones developed the training method High Intensity Training throughout his life, i.e. for tens of years. Read more about this method on this same blog or on the blog and you can’t fail.

Timo Majuri