How to improve the result of the bench press?

Kuidas lamades surumise tulemust parandada?

The maximum result of the bench press consists of the joint power output of the muscles of the entire upper body, based on the principle “the record is determined by the weakest link”.

This means that for most people, the barbell stops at the chest, halfway through the lift, or before the final extension, for the reason.

Here we discuss the reasons why the bar “freezes” at the points mentioned above.

– The bar vibrates, and the start of the lift is uncertain, as is the descent phase. The reason is the weakness of the supporting muscles, starting with the back muscles and ending with the broad back muscles-

– The bar comes nicely to the chest and stays on the chest without rising even an inch from there. The reason is the weakness of the pectoral muscles combined with the weakness of the upper back.

– The bar rises halfway from the chest and stays there. The reason is the weakness of the pectoral muscles and triceps and the upper back, but the upper back and chest give the lift the initial momentum, but the movement stops before the triceps get up to speed.

– The bar almost goes up, but the lift is 5-10 centimetres short. The reason is the weakness of the triceps and shoulders, of which the extensors account for 75-80%.

Other reasons why the results do not increase:

The bench press has progressed 100% after the initial enthusiasm, but the result of 90-120 kilos is still far from the right result.

The reason in 90% of the cases is overtraining and/or the fact that every third or fourth week is not a rest week, but because we have once paid for the gym membership, so “you have to go there for all the money”.

The bench press results have risen close to the championship level, but then a stop came, and rest weeks and other self-adjustments have not helped moving forward.

Solution: Contact a trainer or a competitor who is already at world championship level and ask him to make a program just for you.

This kind of program is done for 3-6 months and usually the goal is either the first competitions or moving on to European or world level.

Although it often seems that you can get everything for free on the Internet, with an individual training program you have the opportunity to increase your all-time record by 10-30% and it may be the missing part that will place you in the top three in the competition.

Timo Major

European and World champion of bench press.