Aamukardio on hyvä tapa lisätä aineenvaihduntaa ja polttaa rasvaa.

Hommikune kardio

Morning cardio is a good way to increase metabolism and burn fat. Here are some recommendations:

1. Length: We recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio each time to get enough power and burn fat efficiently. However, you can practice longer if you want.
2. Intensity: Cardio exercise should be intense enough for the body to use fat as fuel. This means that the heart rate should be at least at an aerobic level (140 beats per minute or more).
3. Versatility: You can vary the type of cardio exercise so that the body does not get used to the power of one exercise and the results remain good. That is, one morning you use the treadmill, the next the treadmill, then the stair machine, and so on. Many people also change equipment during cardio exercise, starting with a rowing machine and ending with a stepper.
4. Regularity: The effectiveness of morning cardio is based on regularity, so it is recommended to practice at least 3-4 times a week.
Remember that morning cardio isn’t the only way to burn fat, and it’s also important to follow a healthy diet and include other fitness and muscle conditioning exercises. Take care of adequate rest and recovery after each exercise.

What is the best way to burn body fat and preserve muscle?

The best way to burn body fat and save muscle is a combination of exercise and a healthy diet.
You can start fitness with, for example, aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling or swimming, and add muscle training to maintain and build muscles.
On the diet side, you should focus on healthy nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, proteins and fibres, and avoid excess sugar and fat.
Some good nutritional tips include skipping meals and eating regularly and choosing lean proteins.
Remember that weight loss and achieving body changes take time and commitment.